Testimonials - what some of our students have to say


Jose Abel Rodriguez from Cuba (September 2020 to March 2021)

After three months living in Limerick and studying at LIMERICK LANGUAGE CENTER, I realize that it was one of the most important decisions of my life. If I had to choose again where to study, surely I would have chosen the same country, the same city and, of course, the same school!!!! The infrastructure and school programs are excellent. Furthermore, the professional and personal qualities of the teachers make a big difference. I can’t wait to start the second part of my semester! Don’t let anyone tell you and LIVE YOUR OWN EXPERIENCE!!!!!!


Jefferson Ortiz Rodriguez (January/February 2018)

The school offered me an ideal atmosphere to improve my English level. The teachers gave me an exceptional welcome and we did many fun and interesting activities. I wanted to take an English course in Ireland and without a doubt I chose the best option to spend 1 month studying and making new friends! See you soon LLC and Limerick! Smile

La escuela me ofreció una atmósfera ideal para mejorar mi nivel de Inglés. Los profesores me brindaron una acogida excepcional y realizamos muchas actividades divertidas e interesantes. Quería realizar un curso de inglés en Irlanda y sin lugar a dudas escogí la mejor opción para pasar 1 mes estudiando y haciendo nuevas amistades! See you soon LLC and Limerick! Smile



My time at school has been fabulous !!

Before I came to Ireland I had no inkling of how it would be, even more, that I have never studied English before.

No sooner had I started at the school than my expectations were exceeded. 

All the teachers are amazing and extremely committed to the students learning.

I have been taken aback by the friendly and cosy environment and with the bunch of activities provided to take us into the Irish culture. No doubt I'll never forget this extraordinary experience.


Meu tempo na escola tem sido fantastico!

Antes de eu vir para a Irlanda eu não tinha ideia de como isso seria a ainda maisque eu nunca tinha estudado ingles antes.

Assim que eu comecei na escola todas as minhas expectativas foram superadas.

Todos os professores são extremamente comprometidos com o aprendizado dos alunos.

Fiquei surpresa  pelo ambiante amigavel e confortavel e com a gama de atividades providas para nos levar para dentro da cultura Irlandesa.

Sem duvida nunca escquecerei desta extraordinaria experiencia.

Paloma F Corrêa (Brazil - 2016-2017)


December, 2015 - Yen -Ching Chen (Taiwan) - The teachers at LLC are passionate about teaching they respect each culture, they are awesome! Thanks a million!


December, 2015 - Cristian Garzoni (Italy) - There is a positive mood in this school! The lessons are simple and useful at the same time. The teachers are friendly in the school and outside of the school. It is based in a nice area, the building is pleasant with attractive classrooms.


December, 2015 - Chloe Morvant (France) - It’s a very good experience. Irish people are very friendly. Met lots of people from different countries. Nice teachers, good activities in the school. Had a good time and the pubs are great!

12342562_934766906611516_500553490583743014_n.jpg December, 2015 - Wali Minawal (Afghanistan) - My name is Wali Minawal. I am from Afghanistan. I am living in Limerick and studying at LLC. I’m very happy to study here and I have met a lot of students from different countries and it is a very good experience. All of the teachers are very kind and friendly.


December, 2015 - Rosemarie Midinet (Germany) - Nice, comfortable atmosphere, committed and great teachers! I will miss this school and I hope that I can come back again.     



December, 2015 - Mamoud Toumi (Libya) - It’s always difficult to say goodbye to people you have hung out with, played with, shared happy moments with as well as sad ones. At this point, I would like to thank all of the following people: teachers, friends, classmates and everyone who knows me. I won’t forget this amazing experience. I wish everyone a Merry Christmas and the happiest New Year ever! May all your dreams come true! Thank you very much for everything! I hope to see you all sometime!

zimmermann.jpgDecember, 2015 - Maxime Zimmermann (France) - I am really enjoying my stay at LLC because I have met a lot of people from different countries and I learned a lot about their cultures. The environment and the diversity of the students allows you to practise English without feeling any pressure!  The teachers are really competent and provide everything we need to make this experience useful. Life in Limerick is also really lovely with lots of activities and things to see.   


December, 2015 - Jacqueline Rosa Borges Barbosa (Brazil) - It was an amazing opportunity to study at LLC. It was much more than just sitting on a chair and learning English. I could experience living abroad, making friends from different countries throughout the world, living within an Irish culture and improving my English of course!


December, 2015 - Patricia Abad Mayer (Spain) - I would like to say thanks to the Limerick Language Centre for the huge opportunity to study and practice my English with the greatest teachers and students. I have met brilliant people here and now I have friends from all over the world. My English is really improving and I’m so happy about that. I’d recommend this school!    


December, 2015 - Abdulaziz Shuylaywih Aljohani (Saudi Arabia) - I am Abdulaziz. I come from Saudi Arabia. I am really happy at Limerick LLC because I have made a lot of friends and the teachers teach very well. I recommend this school to learn English.

December, 2015 - Luca Treglia (Madagascar) - I have had a really good experience at LLC over the last two months. Good teachers and friendly people! My class is the best in the centre! I didn’t speak English when I arrived in Limerick and now I am beginning to speak and understand much more. Thank you and Merry Christmas!      



December, 2015 - Francesc Florensa (Spain) - My experience in the school has been very enriching because I have met new people from different countries and I’m learning more English during this two months that I ever have. The atmosphere is very nice and comfortable at LLC and the teachers are very kind and teach really well. It is the best place in Limerick!

December, 2015 - Qingsong Lin (China) - This is a wonderful place to learn English. The teachers are very kind and help solve my problems and give me advice. And there are loads of events happening which give me more opportunities to speak and make friends and learn more.

11th May, 2012 – Annie Dal Kim, Korea:  Annie.jpg

짧지만 길었던 연수기간이었습니다. 아일랜드를 선택한 이유는 단 한가지. 유럽에 대한 동경이었어요. 단순한 영어공부를 위한 연수가 아닌 아일랜드의 문화와 다른 유럽 여러 국가친구들을 직접 보고 느끼고 체험할 수 있었던 좋은 추억으로 남을 소중한 경험이었습니다. 자칫하면 나태해 질 수 있는 이곳의 생활에 활력을 불어 넣어주신 학교 선생님들의 조언과 충고, 아이리쉬 문화를 생생하게 느낄 수 있게 항상 곁에서 도와주신 그 분들의 따뜻한 마음에 감사의 마음을 전합니다. 학교 선생님들의 학생들을 향상 열정 또한 남다르다고 생각합니다. 특히나 열심히 시험준비를 할 수 있도록 곁에서 도와주신 Jennifer 선생님과 스피킹시험에 대한 두려움을 없앨 수 있도록 격려해 주신  Marianne 선생님께 감사의 말씀을 짧게나마 글로 남깁니다. 어느 곳에서 하시던 생활하시다 보면 느끼시리라 예상됩니다. 좋은 일도 많았고 좋지 않은 일도 여럿 있었던 7개월이었습니다. 하지만 어떤 경험이건 간에 모든 것들이 예전과는 달라진 성숙한 모습으로 달라져 있습니다. 한국에서는 할 수 없었을 경험들을 하고 돌아가는 만큼 발걸음 또한 무겁고 다시는 만날 수 없을지도 모를 친구들도 많이 그리울 것이지만 언젠가 웃는 모습으로 다시 만나고 싶습니다. 다시 볼 그 날까지 모두 행복하시고 건강하세요!


It's been a long time since I came to Ireland. The reason I chose to stay here was my longing for Europe. I didn't only study English but also I have learned Irish culture, and met European friends. It'll remain a precious memory and I've had an unforgettable experience. If things went wrong or I could feel lazy living here, all of the teachers always gave me advice and suggestions, so I appreciate their kindness always. They recommended me to experience Irish culture. Especially I thank Jennifer for preparing me for my exam and Marianne for making me speak confidently. When I think of other people traveling, in my case I had both good and bad experiences and as a result I am a much better person because of this. I will miss my friends from all over Ireland and the world, my teachers and Ireland. This experience was something I couldn’t get in Kore


19th July, 2011 - Hussam from Saudi Arabia: 187014_100001648336631_1981237_n.jpg 

'Hi. I am Sam from Saudi Arabia, I have been a student in this school for nine months. I'm happy to be one of the students of this school and I remember the first time I came to school I did not expect such simplicity in handling, they are working as one family the teachers and the student also. I will never forget the beautiful memories that I spent in school with my friends and my teachers. '

أنا حسام من المملكة العربية السعودية أمضيت تسعة شهور كطالب في هذه المدرسة وأنا سعيد بكوني أحد طلابها  .أتذكر في اول مرة حضرت فيها للمدرسة لم أكن أتوقع تلك البساطة في التعامل ,الجميع يعمل كعائلة واحدة المدرسين والطلاب أيضاً .لن أنسى أبدا تلك الذكريات الجميلة التي قضيتها فيها مع زملائي الطلاب والمدرسين    


29th June, 2011 - Eriko Miyakawa from Japan: Eriko20Miyakawa.jpg 

''Hello, everybody coming from all over the world!! My name is Eriko from Japan. I studied English in Limerick Language Centre from October 2010 to June 2011. I decided to study English in Ireland because I had looked for the place where I could see a lot of spectacular nature, not too big city, and cozy atmosphere. If you feel a bit more interested in a place like this for studying English, I’ll recommend this school indeed. Ireland is surrounded with lovely nature. This school has such funny, humorous, and thoughtful teachers. Each of them will be supporting you as much as you make an effort. Of course, the class has all kinds of nationalities, so you could have a lot of friends all over the world!! Depending on your purpose and effort, LLC will really suit your English needs surely.

In fact, I could improve my English quite well, and I got a lot of lovely wonderful experiences and friends as well. If you wavered in your decision, it will be time you make a big step forward to your future!!!

Best of Irish luck!''


世界中から来る皆さん、こんにちは。私は、このリムリックランゲージセンターで2010年の10月から翌年の6月までクラスに参加し英語の勉強をしていました。私がなぜ英語の勉強にアイルランドを選んだかと いうと、自然に囲まれ、心地よくのんびりとした環境が好きで、どうせ勉強するならそのようなところがいいと考えたためです。もし勉強する場としてそういっ た環境をお探しなら、本当にこの学校をおすすめします。アイルランドは素敵な自然に囲まれています。この学校の先生方も本当に面白くユーモアのある方たち ばかりで、経験豊かで生徒に対して思いやりがあります。努力する分だけ、それに対ししっかりサポートもしていただけます。クラスは、様々な国の人々で構成 されるので、世界中に友達を作ることも出来ます。目的や努力次第で、この学校があなたの英語を身につけるための最適な場所となることは間違いなしだと思い ます!!



24th November, 2010 – Che from Frankfurt, Germany:  Che.jpg 

‘Hello to all the current and prospective Limerick Language Centre students from all over the world. My name is Che and I was a student at the LLC from September 2009 until June 2010. I have to say without, any doubt, that the LLC is by far one of the nicest places where you can learn English. I felt that every student is important no matter where you are from or your age. The relationship between the students and the teachers is very warmhearted and you can always have a chat with them (especially during their lunch break :D) and they will help you with all your enquiries.

I am now a 3rd level student at the University of Limerick and I have to thank all the teachers, especially Susan, for their support and I am happy that I decided to attend the LLC.

So, if you are still wondering where to go to learn English, you should take the LLC into consideration and, besides, Limerick city is close to all major attractions of the west and south of Ireland (the pubs are great as well!).

All the best,


16th April, 2010 – Erick from Caracas, Venezuela: Erick.jpg 

‘My name is Erick Soler from Venezuela,

I spent almost three years in a row at the Limerick Language Centre and, I must be honest with you guys, I loved every single minute of it. Actually, I was supposed to spend just six months, so can you get the picture..? At first it was very odd for me to be so far from home in a country completely different from mine, but then again the teachers as well as the other students made me feel at home, not to mention my host family – I still talk to them every month. The Limerick Language Centre is not just a school, I would define it as a fraternity where I am pretty sure not only will you learn a beautiful language, but you will learn so much about life. ‘Been there, done that’ – I love that expression, one of so many you can learn in such a prestigious institute. But hey, Limerick also has so many fun things to do, like pubs, theatres, cinemas and some more. So don’t think too much, you already have the answer in front of you!!!’



15th April, 2010 – Lara from Valladolid, Spain: Lara.jpg


‘I spent 6 summers in a row (2001 – 2006) in Limerick, and I could not tell which one was the best. I admit that the first days I wondered what would I do there, but the answer came quickly. Limerick is a well-connected city and has a great student ambience. The school is familiar, groups are small, and the lessons are mainly practical. For me, going to class was more a pleasure than an obligation.

During the weekend is not difficult to find people interested in organising excursions and visits, and that’s a good way to meet new people and practice English too!! I made many friends from different countries and I’ve visited some of them later on and they have come to visit mine as well!

In my case, the host families could not be better, even I still keep in touch with them.

I would recommend LLC to anyone who wants to learn English abroad (in fact I’ve already recommended it to many people J)’